Talking, or nah?

I’ve never been talking to anybody, so I don’t really know what it is, or how to know when its a thing. My girlfriends are convinced i’m talking to this boy, and no matter how much I doubt it, and block it with questions, it still seems the answer. Now you can read how it happened:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Mormon birthday party, as the girl was a friend from school and church, so all my school friends, and my Mormon friends were there, including Mormons I hadn’t met yet. The party was fun, I danced with all my girls, and had a wonderful time. During the party though, a girl from my school and church, Tilly**, started crying and was super upset, because the boy she’d been talking to told her he didn’t want to talk anymore. His name was Trevor**. After the party, my Mormon friend, Gabby** came for a sleepover, and she added Trevor on Snapchat as she too was trying too make some more mormon friends. I also added him, just to feel like I was more popular and we got a streak.




Wednesday, 11pm:  I was making my dress, and I sent my streaks, with a picture of me wearing the dress I was in the process of making, and wrote a little caption about it. Trevor sent back a photo asking if I was making my own dress, and we had a little convo about how I was struggling to make the sleeves. I didn’t think much of it, and he was putting one kiss to begin with (which I didn’t even notice was happening until after like an hour and started putting two kisses back). Then we were sending two kisses after every message.

We talked about music, and our hobbies, what we want to do in the future, like I told him what I want to be when i’m older, and he told me his goal as well. We talked about his revision a bit, as he’s in the year above doing his GCSEs. We talked till 1am, when he told me he had to go to sleep.

Thursday 10am: The next day, I was having butterflies, as I thought about the deep chat we’d had the night before, and then he just messaged me, asking how the sleeves on the dress were going! He messaged me first, and put three kisses! We then started talking about life. I asked him about his music, and he told me about his family.

The thing I noticed was, even when the conversation kind of stopped e.g.:

Me, “I like … xxx”

Him: “Me too!xxx”

Me: “Cool:)xxx”

He would keep the conversation going, by asking what I was up to, or if I had any plans. It felt so good that he was putting all the effort in just to talk to me:)


Thursday evening, 9pm ish: I was sat in my room, sewing away, when my phone buzzed, and it was Trevor, texting me again, asking about my day, if i did anything fun, how my dress was going. We chatted for ages, and I told him about how I was going to the dentist the next day, and how I really liked the dentist, and we had a long chat about that, and other stuff. There was a bit of banter which was cute and he seemed super nice. At 10pm, I was really tired, and couldn’t really be bothered talking all night, so I said I had to go to sleep. Instead of three kisses when I was going though, he put “Good night 😘😘”, so I put the same.


Friday 9am: I was at the dentist for my appointment, and I sent it as my streaks, and we had a kind of funny conversation about my love for dentists, ahah. We talked all day, and I went out with some girls from church, and a really lovely girl saw me messaging him, and she went “ooooooh”, but I was like “nahhhh”, playing it cool.

Then after talking all day, it was evening, and we were talking about his family, and stuff, and after a while, it was my turn to message, but I didn’t know what to say, so I was honest, and told him I didn’t know what to say next. He was so lovely about it, and he asked me what I wanted to talk about, and I said, “you xxx”. We talked about him for a bit, then he said we should talk about me. So we talked a bit, and then I was like, “what will we talk about now?xxx” and he’s so awesome. He came up with the idea that we, “ask each other questions”. For a bit we did, then I face timed my best friend, as I needed someone to help me think of questions.

It was like 1 am by the way, so I was pretty tired, but I also needed an answer to the question if he was still talking to Tilly. I knew he wasn’t after the party, but a part of me needed to make sure he wasn’t talking to her and me. Even though him and I weren’t officially talking, i’d feel a bit guilty if he was still talking to Tilly.

Straight after, he said he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Is that a sign of anger? Was my questioning a sign of desperation? clingyness? jealousy?

The thing is, I don’t want him to talk to other girls, I sit around waiting for his messages.

We are now mutual besties, so he’s talking to me more than any other person… girl.

Maybe we are talking, I wouldn’t want to assume. Talking is the step before being official, when two people who like each other are getting to know one another.

So are we talking? His effort, the kisses, and the vibe give me my answer…yes! But what if i’m wrong, I fall for a guy who makes me feel special and powerful, then in the end never cared?

If you’ve made it this far, well done, you rock! Hahah!xxx




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