The (lazy) truth is…

Super sunshine

That sky though



What’s that you can see, the deep blue sky, and? Nothing- not a cloud in sight.


It’s days like this you know you’ll get a tan, and I need all the tan I can get. For about a week, the sunshine was glorious and life was beautiful and hot, and then…. it rained:(

Now this weather is back, who knows how long it will last so i’m trying to make the most of it. Sunshine, no clouds, how can I resist.

The only problem is, today was my only free day to be able to work on my dress i’m making, I was gonna hem, then sew the pieces together, and hopefully be able to start thinking about sleeves. The thought of being inside though, when I could come outside to this is true torture.

I’m here right now, I’m a strapless, loose dress, with my Nivea factor 20 sun lotion on, catching those rays.

If the sun happens to go away, i’ve promised myself i’ll get to working on my dress, but with this gorgeous blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and a sun that keeps on shining, looks like my dress will have to wait.

Sorry xxxxxxxxxxx


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