I’m making a dress

Yup. I’m doing it. 1 week. 2 fabrics. And a lot of effort. My goal is to, by next Tuesday, have made a white shift dress.

It’s a big….no HUGE step. I’m 15 years old with hardly any experience and no help from teachers or professionals. But I will just have to see how it turns out. The dress. That I AM MAKING!

So, on the outside to my mum and brother (the only people who know), I’m just sitting, a neutral expression on my face as I tack, then now and again sighing as I turn the fabric. On the inside though, i’m buzzing, because i’m making a dress, a dress I can wear, and if this goes ok, I can move onto bigger better things. LOL!

Also, their is a reason I’ve only told my mum and brother: they’re the only ones who have seen me. Telling my friends is kind of scary, if they expect me to make this fabulous dress, and I fail, then i’ll feel a bit embarrassed. I don’t want to mess up, then go back to school to hear, “how’s the dress going?” and me having to pretend I wasn’t a failure, and blame the fabric, “i’m just waiting for some new fabric”- i’m actually wait just gonna say this until you forget and stop asking.Photo on 30-05-2017 at 14.02 #2.jpg


Fabric for dress

This is a shot of some of the things happening at the moment!

Lots happening

As you can see, i’m currently pinning and tacking the edge of the dress.

That’s all for now, much more to come



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