Half Term

The holidays are here, and boy am I happy. Even though this was one of the shortest half term we’ve had, i’m tired and am definitely going to try and use this time to relax and refresh, so that I can push through the last half of this school term. So yes, even though I’m resting, I also want to start a project, making my dress. At school, I got the template for the dress I’m going to make, so now just need to buy some fabric tomorrow. I’m not yet sure which fabric i’ll use, though I have a feeling I’ll go for cotton, or something easy to sew with as I get to grips with the sewing machine and the template. I’m thinking of going for a V-neck on a shift dress, the length of the dress with be to my knees, and i’ll hopefully be making some flared or bell sleeves. I don’t want to give away too much too soon, but I will keep you up to date☺︎

Next, this half term I wanna  DO DO DO new things! Yessssssssssssssss….. I was talking about relaxing and refreshing, and spending this time ti rest, however, I wanna try some new things, like taking a pottery class, going horse riding with my mum, go open air swimming, learning how to cook macaroons, going on some picnics, flying a kite? Yeh okay, so i’m not so sure about that last one, I don’t own a kite haha. It would be fun to try it though?

I’m looking to get inspired, be a bit crazy, but in a slow, reflecting kind of way, and i’ll let you know how that works out.

Hope you are as buzzed for the hols as me, and if you have upcoming exams, best of luck!xxx


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