Wanting to try something new

Sup’ everyone.

I’m feeling quite ready to do something. I have a couple of ideas. But currently I just have this feeling that I aren’t doing that many productive things in my life. Yes, I complete all homework and school work to a high standard, I go to church as often as possible, i’m meeting my friends regularly for fun times, I’ve started playing badminton after school… so yeh, stuff is good. I don’t know why I feel like this though, oh maybe it’s because I just watched like 3 episodes of Gossip Girl and that has been a waste of my entire evening. I want to do something new, kind of exciting, maybe fun, but something that’s going to help me!

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Oh Gossip Girl, I love you! TBF, Serena and I aren’t that different lol.

I did have the idea of getting a job. A few people in my year at school have jobs, like working at pubs and what not. I would be up for any job, I just don’t know where to get one. I think my dad has the idea I’m lazy and can’t be bothered getting a job, but I would totally do it, I just can’t find one.

My other idea would be to make my own clothes. We are doing it at the moment in textiles, making a full size dress with sleeves and a V neck. I feel like this would be something i’d want to try at home swell as I have a wonderful sewing machine, that I never use, and I would be able to make my own clothes as well as being skilled with a sewing machine. I definitely know that I would love that,however, i’m just not sure if i’d find the time- or the patience to actually do it. Oh well, i’m super eager to give it a go. If I do begin or take the idea further, you’ll be the first to know!

As you can see, I have ideas, I just need to get to them, so I will. Actually I really want to dive in with the sewing.

Right, I’m of to find out how to make my own clothes, BYE!xxx



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