DIY: Bubble Face Mask

The other day, I don’t even know where I found it, there was a recipe for a bubble face mask. I thought hmmmm i’ll check it out, and guys there are two ingredients:

  • 1 Egg
  • 1tbsp of sugar
  • Whisk
  • Bowl

I’m so excited to try this one out! So i’ll go start making, read on to see pictures of how it turns out 😀

I love how it’s so simple, all i had to do was put the ingredients in a bowl and WHISKKKKKKK!

Actually the whisking took longer than I would have liked, and I got a tad impatient towards the end, but it actually turned quite solid which is the aim. Whisk until you can turn your bowl upside down and it barely moves.



I really liked this bubble mask and there is no doubt this is one of my new favourites.

Experiments like these are super fun, so if anyone has any ideas of ones, i’d love to try them. Also let me know if you try this, did you like it?

Goodbye from me and my super soft face😍


P.S As I was signing off, I noticed this glorious sunset.



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