School: Textiles

As you may know if you’ve read some of my other posts, I’m in year 10. Yes, exactly a year away from taking the big G…! In our GCSEs, we have a few options to pick from of what we want to do. I chose textiles as one of my options, and honestly, I’m not the best at it. It’s not even like PE where I’m good at theory then ok at physical stuff, I’m bad at everything. I can’t design well, or be imaginative, I have tons of fights with the bloomin machines that just don’t like to work for me. But, currently, we have just started our big final projects and a lot of work goes into it. The coursework so far has included a mind map on my topic, then we made a mood board, which I actually stayed longer at school to finish. I am actually ok at this part, but I know when the designing and making comes along, well lets just say i’ll have a lot to pray for.

It’s not all bad though, textiles class is well fun. Our teacher isn’t the most warm lady in the world, she’s sarcastic and the total opposite of a fuddy duddy. She’s on the ball and keeps all us girlies in control, however the class is great. As we are allowed to sit where we want, I get to sit next to J, a totally fabulous girl, who tends to gossip quite a bit, but is super awesome. We are almost like a little team, all the girls working together, all hoping to reach them As. Neither of my besties take textiles though, Lolly and Tracey do other things like drama, and DT. Alls good though!

Anyway, that was today, Wednesday, the hump of the week, which now we’re over, all my energy is going for the weekend!


Love G.


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