What’s on my iPhone?

1 teaspoon of honey is the lifetimes work of 12 bees


The video of Jaden Smith’s mind blowing facts about the universe makes me wee with laughter.

I was thinking about what I wanted to post and decided that I had to find something very prominent in my life; my phone is my best friend. If you want to know me, know my phone. I’m joking (kind of). My life doesn’t revolve around it, and I’m not addicted, but most of my time if I need something, I go to my phone: shopping, talking to friends, Google, music, YouTube, ordering food…

So here is a tour of my phone:


This is the lock screen to my iPhone 6s. It’s one where you can do the thumbprint thing, but every time I try it never works and I have to type my 6 number passcode in which is dead annoying. This lock screen picture though😍. Simple yet beautiful, like me jk


The home screen image was of me and my friends, but for privacy reasons, I replaced it with this picture of… something? hah! As you can see, my emails are a little crazy, I’m slowly unsubscribing from all those crazy websites that send me these.


I’m a photo hoarder.


Here are my apps:

  • Betternet (my VPN so I can use Snapchat at church)
  • YouTube
  • Music app
  • Spottily
  • Flo (it’s a period tracker- girls you feel me)
  • Boomerang
  • Instagram
  • Musical.ly
  • Pokemon Go (still got it from the Pokemon Go craze)

Also you can see at the bottom I have my favourite apps: phone (ok it’s not like a favourite, more of a neccessicity), Snapchat baby, Gospel Library ( it’s free and is awesome), Safari.


Probs use Snapchat more than anything else in the world. Also, look at all those streaks I have with random people who I’ve probably said hi to once.


Oh yeh if you don’t have Gospel Library but wondered what I was on about it’s an app created by the LDS church and it’s awesome for annotations. Love it!


The truth is most of my texts are from my phone provider. Sometimes when I’m at a bus stop or something, i’ll text my phone people back to look popular.

Anyway, that’s my phone, not that interesting really.

My top 3 apps would be:




Tell me if you know any really good apps, or bad ones😂 also, I don’t really play games, but if you know any good ones, let me know!

Good night lovelies xxxx


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