I’m failing P.E

GCSE’s are a pain. The studying, revision, stress, everything that comes with it, all those things make your exams super annoying. Choosing P.E as an option was really difficult for me. I knew that I probably wasn’t going to do that well, but there were no other lessons in the column I could have picked.

My best friend Tracey was also taking P.E which gave me a lot more confidence, thinking we would just work together the whole time, mess around and have fun. But she’s REALLY good. At practical, she’s super- she gets the highest levels in the class.

Theory however is where I come in. There are people much better than me, but I do get the average levels, way better than I do in practical, so I’m hoping the actual paper test will give me enough of the marks I need to pass.

I’ll just have to try my best on the practical, though currently, i’m towards the bottom of my class. When Miss splits us up into ability, Tracey and I are always separated, so there’s me, wandering around, looking for somebody who doesn’t have a partner because i’m stuck in my unsociable bubble and i’ll go over to another girl on her own and be like, “hiiiii…”, hoping that I can make  new friend.

Maybe I should try doing more exercise outside of school (Tracey goes on a jog every morning).


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