5 Great Things

Day by day so much crazy stuff happens, and last week was pretty awesome, so I want to take some time to reflect on 5 great parts of my week.

1: Meeting my Mormon Missionaries

Last week I met up with Sister B and Sister C (these are actually the first letters of their names) and they taught me all about what they believe happens after death. For a long time, i’ve believed in a Heaven, but I could never bring myself to believe that the Lord didn’t offer anything to those who didn’t believe if he loved them so much. I truly believe the Plan of Happiness is true, as I believe it is the perfect pan from such a perfect Lord.


2: Maths (I got something right for once)

I wouldn’t call myself a mathematician, my maths teacher would. Usually in class, as I’m not the brightest spark, but in one of the top sets, I just sit there, write down what Sir says and wonder how other people in the class got all these answers and just nod along. But I was in class the other day and I used Pythagorus (wrongly) and as my teacher was walking around he asked me why I was using Pythagorus, “I don’t know”. Then for the second task we were meant to do, Sir asked me saying, Gracious knows what to do, and I was the only one who got the answer. YAYYAYAYYAYAyAYYAYAYAYAYAYAyayaYA! Normally I’m the one like “whattttt?”, but everyone else was like, “whattttt?”. I’m not saying this to be bigheaded or anything, but I’m saying it because I know the Lord answered my prayer to help me have focus in maths.


3: Captain 

The guy I like was in the corridor when Tracey and I were walking in. He was behind us with his ‘lad’ friends and they were like pushing each other. Captain kept on getting shoved into me, and he kept like apologising, he was trying to stop his friends pushing him into me but they kept doing it and he was like, “i’m so sorry”, obviously I was kind and mysterious, as I said, “don’t worry, its fine”, flipped my hair and walked off with Tracey. Lol, little did I know I went red in the face, oh young love, haha.


4:  My mum is accepting Mormonism

I was absolutely terrified of telling my mum that I was considering joining the LDS church. I only told her I was ‘exploring’ the option which is a little dishonest really, as I know that it is the church that God is guiding me towards. My mum hasn’t welcomed it with open arms, and she’d rather I stayed at our current church, but I know she wants to support me, and she really just wants me to have Christ in my life. I appreciate my mum so much for being so kind.


5: My best friend is eating again

One of my best friends wasn’t eating food at lunch, which is quite concerning considering she’s had a past of depression and self harming. As we have come back to school (last week), most days she had something, one time it was only a bread bun, but that’s a bread bun more than she normally ate. It’s so great to see her being healthier as she does mean a lot to me, and it hurts to see somebody going through a something where they are harming their beautiful bodies because they don’t like the way they look.


All these blessings make me truly grateful that I have such an amazing Heavenly Father, and I pray that everyone else can learn to find the positive things, especially when we are mainly focusing on the problems in life.

Sending love, xxx

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