I’m converting to Mormonism

Prepare yourselves for a good old chunk of writing, about Mormonism, my beliefs, bit of God stuff, yeh, this could be a long story. Actually i’m gonna make my self a drink ( hot chocolate), I advise you do the same!ahaha


Got my drink, settle down time.


It all started about  year ago. Two people in my year at school were Mormons, and I thought interesting, but didn’t quite understand what they were. Searching it on the internet, I was like, oh, cool, they’re just Christians. a

A few months later I was on Instagram, and I was in bed, I had just said my prayers, and I had a notification. A Mormon account had requested to follow me. I accepted their request, and seeing the quotes they posted was really cool.

More and more Mormon accounts asked to follow me, some meme pages, some quote pages, and I found myself  reading all the posts, the testimonies, the pictures of the temples, every day, especially when the Lord was already on my mind, these posts would pop up.

I couldn’t keep Mormonism off my mind, frantically,at any chance I could, I’d be searching about the LDS church.

A few weeks ago, one night, I was on the Mormon website, and I saw the ‘chat to a Mormon’ button, I clicked on it, not knowing that I was about to learn so much. I was asked for my name, I put it in. Then I was connected through to a chatroom, with two lovely ladies, they were really helpful.


Mormon Chat.JPG

As you can see, the ladies gave me some really good advice. They then offered to help me  meet up with some Sister Missisonaries from my area.

I met up with them last Friday.

They gave me a Book of Mormon. They prayed for me. They taught me:

Joseph Smith was 14 years old, around him, he saw all these different views about God, and he wanted to know the truth. He asked God, and God came to him, answering his prayer, showing him the way to ancient scriptures. After translating these, Joseph had created the Book of Mormon, and this was known to be the religion of truth.

I believe this is true.

It’s pretty crazy, but it makes so much sense to me, and I know God is calling me to the LDS church. He knows how much faith I have, that I love him and want to know more about him, he knows I have a life ahead of me, and I believe he wants to bless my life with the truth.

I’m not a Mormon- yet.

In the future, I sure want to be a part of the church.

I have organised to meet them again. They want to talk about how my rewarding of the Book of Mormon is going, they’re going to teach me more. They are going to meet my mum.

My mum knows about the fact i’m meeting with the Sisters, she thinks they are just teaching me about God, she doesn’t know I am exploring this because I want to become a Mormon. She has said she wouldn’t want me to become a Mormon, but if I thought it was right, then she would support me, thank goodness.

Ahh, I just drank some of my hot chocolate and its lush!

I have also been onto the LDS website ( LDS.org), and I found the young womans personal progress. It gives you several different options of things to study:

LDS.org Personal Progress.png

You can follow this course, and I’m just doing it to strengthen my faith, as I don’t go to the  LDS church, I still want to have the opportunity to learn, and having tools such as this enables me too. It’s also extremely helpful.

I have listened to one or two conference talks, and they were quite good. I enjoyed listening to everything that the elders were saying.

I have been reading parts of the Book of Mormon, and I have to say, it has more complex language than the Bible, but i’m finding my way through it.

There is an LDS church in my home town. But, a girl who’s really popular at school goes, and I don’t know anyone there which makes me feel really nervous.

The sisters did tell me that if I had an issue getting to the church on a Sunday morning, then a family from the church could pick me up to take me, but that’s kind of scary considering I would never have met the family before.

Honestly, imagine going to a church with nobody to talk to, and for quite a nervous person like me, it gets me so caught up. I love God, and I would love to go somewhere to praise him, but it’s so out of my comfort zone and would be a big step for me.

Because my mother doesn’t believe in the whole Mormon thing, I would be totally alone, and in the LDS church, family is really important, and I in the past have had family issues, so I feel really out of place to be in a really family orientated environment when my family won’t even be around.

In the future, I know what lifestyle I want. I’d like to be a teacher, with three children, i’d take my family hiking, cook some awesome meals, have evenings with people from church where they come over for an evening, near Christmas time to host Advent… i’d like to have a husband, who will save himself for my, that he has a strong relationship with God, and will be a good father. I would like for church to be the centre of my family’s life. For Jesus to be spoken of all the time.

I want my children to grow up knowing they’re the Lord’s children.

I give my life to the Lord, I trust him and place all of my faith in him.

I have a lot to learn, and a lot to conquer, but I hope with the Lord’s guidance, I can follow the LDS church wholeheartedly as I go on this journey with Christ.

If you have read to this point, congratulations! Hahah, I hope you are feeling good.

God bless you darlings xx





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