Prayer Book

This week I thought I should try something new.

Trying to prayer everyday: I kept forgetting or getting distracted.

Giving myself subjects to prayer about: I didn’t feel passionate.

Making a prayer schedule: I’d probably get a snapchat and not remember that I’m praying until I’ve stalked about 50,ooo people/


So I created a prayer book/diary.

It’s a blue notebook with lined paper inside size half of A4. On each page, I write a title and then a prayer. Here is an example:



This is a prayer about animal cruelty, and I wrote it after looking on the PETA website one evening. I did it because I wanted to, and it was something I was passionate about

My prayer book is really helpful, there are no rules or deadlines, or limits, but whenever I need to talk to God, I can just write it down. If I think one of my prayers have been answered, I put a gold star on that page.

The fun thing is I can use any colour or style, I can include drawings.

I’d suggest, if you’re struggling to keep up with those conversations with the Lord, then a prayer book might help.

Don’t put pressure on yourself though!


Sending my prayers your way!


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