HACKER aka my Brother

Helllllllo! My brother is autistic, from previous posts you may know that Joe can be a difficult person to live with, that does not mean I love him any less though, I've learnt to be mrs patient, aha, you need to be to live with him. Like a lot of people with autism, he has … Continue reading HACKER aka my Brother


Poem: Church

I was just checking out this great world of blogging, and found this blog with poems on: Poems- WORDS IN THE LIGHT This is a poem I found on their page I shall share with you: MY CHURCH My church has no wall My church has no roof Birds are flying through Stars are shining … Continue reading Poem: Church

Prayer Book

This week I thought I should try something new. Trying to prayer everyday: I kept forgetting or getting distracted. Giving myself subjects to prayer about: I didn't feel passionate. Making a prayer schedule: I'd probably get a snapchat and not remember that I'm praying until I've stalked about 50,ooo people/   So I created a … Continue reading Prayer Book