Home (sweet home)

When you come to my blog just be happpppy!

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here! This is my top secret blog where I will spill out every thought, feeling, desire -well, what I mean is I’m just going to talk about my life here- in an anonymous way. My name isn’t actually Gracious (I have a feeling using my real name would give the game away), however, my real name is the feminine name of a very popular first name!

I’m a teenage, British, Christian girl slap bang in the middle of that popular ‘squad’ and those people who you don’t wanna be mean about but won’t be tagged in the Instagram selfies of those on a higher rank of the popularity scale. I have two best friends, and I’m going to give the fake names just for the sake of this blog ahahah, so ummmm… how about Lolly and Tracey? Yeh, that works, and no, they aren’t aware of this blog, otherwise it probably wouldn’t be very secret. My best friends and I are people who get on with everyone and could talk to anyone but we are completely comfortable with our group and aren’t really phased by social stuff. According to Urban Dictionary, ‘squad’: ‘Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity.’ I’m fine with that, we are our own squad goals, and we don’t need that perfect Instagram feed of super gorgeous girls all lined up with their backs slightly arched to showcase their curves, we are totally happy and just “high on lyf’ as I might say.

On my blog, it’s not about becoming famous, or having loads and loads and loads of readers, but instead just sharing whats in my heart ( deep much?), even if only to one person, just for them to take away from what I write that life isn’t always perfect and you just gotta be real:) I’ll probably chat about my friends, school, church life, you know just natter on, but i’ll also comment on my family. Everyone has something going on with their families, I know, but it’s not especially easy with the way my famalam life is like right now, so if you continue to stalk me (it’s okay, we all do it) check out how I ramble on because I know that’s exactly how you wanna spend your time.

I’m also quite an avid reader and writer so I might come out with a few quotes that probably seem a bit weird but when I read something I like, I HAVE to remember it! I’m not geeky or anything, like, i’ve never even read a Harry Potter book. I like novels about teen life, in fact long the way i’ll leave some book titles in case you ever feel like you wanna try a good old book.

Well, I think that’s all I want to say for my ‘Introduction’. My posting will probably be regular and spontaneous, in fact to show how spontaneous i’m feeling, I just set up this blog (hahah, go meee!), and I don’t know when it will end or when my cover will be blown but YOLO! ❤